UNH Scientists Successfully Grow Onions Overwintered in Low Tunnels

In response to high demand for year-round local produce, researchers with the University of New Hampshire report they have successfully grown bulbing onions planted in fall for a spring harvest with the aid of inexpensive low tunnels.

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More than Knowledge

An innovative partnership between the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and the North East Regional Association of Coastal and Ocean Observation Systems (NERACOOS) empowers undergraduate students in Zoology/Plant Biology 503 with unique profession-ready experiences, training, and networking opportunities. Graduate Instructor Amanda Sobel—teaching under the guidance of Dr. Larry Harris, Professor of Zoology and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at UNH’s College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA)—has enriched the curriculum with ample hands-on activities and networking opportunities. “There are so many types of jobs our students can enjoy after graduation, and I’ve been looking for more ways to expose them to all the possibilities,” says Sobel. “I commend NERACOOS for their outreach to our program.”

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Are Algae Blooms Linked to Lou Gehrig's Disease?

Researchers are now uncovering clues that appear to link some cases of ALS to people’s proximity to lakes and coastal waters

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Planting the seed: Year-round growing for local farmers researched by UNH

While many enjoy the fresh, local produce available at farmers' markets, the lack of anything to sell forces most markets in New England to close by midfall. If a new research project at the University of New Hampshire is successful, markets could soon be selling locally grown produce year-round.

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UNH-produced milk gets award

A dairy center at the University of New Hampshire has received recognition by the Dairy Farmers of America. As a result of receiving the Gold Quality Award, UNH is paid the highest price for its milk from the Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center.

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Community Retrospective

Thirty years of photographic evidence on climate change affecting fouling communities in Portsmouth Harbor. Story >>>

Dairy Challenge Showcases Industry’s Next Generation

The Northeast Regional Dairy Challenge returned to Pennsylvania last weekend, bringing 120 students together to test their dairy knowledge.

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Heat Pumps Show Promise for Reducing Greenhouse Heating Oil Consumption

Preliminary results of a University of New Hampshire research project investigating the potential cost savings of using heat pumps to heat and cool greenhouses suggest that heat pumps could substantially reduce heating oil consumption.

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Concerns raised over island’s dying beach grass

One of the beach's best defenses against erosion -- beach grass -- is itself under attack from a tiny creature, and the problem is spreading.

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UNH project aims to restore dunes naturally on Plum Island

As a team of UNH scientists led a group of volunteers planting tufts of sea grass and other native plants along the dunes last Friday, project leader Gregg Moore said they came upon a woman sweeping piles of sand from her front porch in the wake of another nor’easter.

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